BreakThru Forum What Is the BreakThru Forum?

BreakThru Forum is dedicated to bringing business leaders together from around the world for extraordinary and in-depth dialogues and presentations on breakthrough thinking, actions, and results. Past and future topics:

  • Global trends and new realities (Chicago)
  • Economic meltdown and renewal (New York)
  • New challenges for leadership development (Los Angeles)
  • Organization design and sustainability (Rome, Italy)
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With BreakThru Forum You Can:

  • Explore new alternatives for tapping top global talent
  • Learn new ways of managing and leading a virtual workforce
  • Compare best practices of leading companies for creating sustainability defining global metrics accelerating leadership development creating virtual problem-solving communities
  • Discover how to be more successful in breakthrough thinking, actions, and results
  • Understand the latest research on engagement and how companies are linking engagement with customer loyalty
The BreakThru Alliance

How Do I Join the BreakThru Forum?

Joining is easy, and there are no dues! Register at

The BreakThru Alliance

What Are the Benefits of Joining?

There are many compelling reasons to join, including:

  • Expanded network of business leaders
  • Leading-edge conferences, workshops, Web teleconferences
  • Sharing in the benefits from The BreakThru Alliance partner organizations
The BreakThru Alliance

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